Art Tip No. 1—Do Some Marker Art On Your Next Vacation


Do you ever feel the impulse to knock out some fast art when you’re on holiday? If you’re like me, you probably prefer not to stuff your suitcase full of painting supplies. They’re bulky. They’re messy. Plus paintings often take several days to complete…

Why not bring along a pad of paper & a few markers instead? They’re lighter than paints. They dry instantly and are far more low-maintenance.

Challenge yourself to knock out some fast sketches. If your art life normally involves long-term projects, you’ll be giving yourself the joy of breaking from that pattern. Keep it fast and loose and just see what happens.

Limiting yourself to markers is extremely liberating. You can use them in parks, cafes…anywhere. Draw the people and places around you and your art instantly becomes a cool souvenir from your trip.

So, find room for a slow moment. Focus your mind. Whip out the markers and paper and go for it.

I make you this promise: It will inject a little needed mindfulness into your vacation. You deserve to be present and engaged. Give yourself that gift.


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