The train shoots past a hundred million trees, stops, then shoots past a hundred million more. I’m sitting next to my girlfriend blasting a cheesy love ballad by a band called Scarlet on my iphone. Swedish GF peeks at the iphone screen, sees the ultra-90’s music video and laughs.

Swedish GF’s parents are there to pick us up. We get Thai take-out. We drive to the house, every room of which is screaming Christmas at the top of its lungs. Dinner happens. Then I go check Facebook and then Swedish GF’s parents come upstairs and we all watch Mr. Bean and drink glög together on the big leather couch.

Later, in bed, Swedish GF asks what we should watch. I go on Netflix and scan through everything and we make the decision together in a faster and more certain manner than we usually do. We go with this documentary about Jeffrey Dahmer and we’re both really into it. Some people are wired to…have these awful compulsions, Swedish GF keeps saying. And its only humans! We’re the only ones like that. What’s wrong with us?


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