In the Galleria


Malin browses through the Gap. First for herself. Then for Alice, her 2 year old niece.

There’s blue chairs and a footrest in front of the store. No one’s around so I start moving the couch closer to the footrest. I worry I’m looking like an asshole so I stop and move it back.

I grab a chair and pull a book from my backpack. A Million Little Pieces. I read the first chapter, absorbing, admiring. May be the best James Frey book I’ve read.

I’ve gotta take a piss so I use the bathroom inside the Gap and then find Malin and she wants my opinion on some shirts for Alice. I tell her my favorite and then go back to the blue chairs.

I dive back into the book. I notice that James Frey never describes what people look like – refreshing.

He also likes to throw one sentence paragraphs around.


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