Failing in a Major Way Dream


This film I’m planning on shooting here in Stockholm was the focus.

Got a call from my grandmother.
She told me that she didn’t do a good job on the set today and that Faye Dunaway was annoyed with her.
“But in the end, she was kind and told me she’s looking forward to working on the scene more.” she added.

Several things occurred to me all at once:
1) I’ve somehow cast Faye Dunaway in my film
2) My grandmother has a part as well
3) Somehow I’m back in Oklahoma
4) The script isn’t even finished.

Whatever else my grandmother said I couldn’t follow. I was preoccupied with trying to remember exactly when Faye Dunaway had arrived in Oklahoma.
How have I managed to  wing it thus far with her without a script and how long before she figures out there’s no script?

I knew I’d have to go isolate myself and stay up all night pulling together the script. It would be unpolished and in need of a lot of changes later, but I had to at least sketch out Faye Dunaway’s entire character before she flew away.


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